Warhammer Underworlds – The Miniatures

Send help – I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into the Mirrored City.

Though Games Workshop bills Warhammer Underworlds (Shadespire and Nightvault) as the ultimate competitive miniatures game, what drew me in are the models. They’re awesome packages of self-contained warbands that exude character and atmosphere.

I’ve recently found myself drawn to painting up several of the warband packs, not out of any real desire to collect the cards or get more competitive at the game, but because each one presents a unique opportunity to explore painting techniques and art styles that you might not otherwise try.

The first warbands I painted were relatively straightforward – Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers. At the time I was collecting a Hammers of Sigmar Stormcast army so just painted them the same. They worked fine, if a bit bland. I later went back and dunked them in Typhus Corrosion. Much better.

I didn’t like how impassive their helmets looked, so I opted to switch them for a Statuesque Miniatures’ heroic scale female head (Brightshield) and an older metal Space Marine Captain (Obryn).

Garrek’s Reavers I just painted up normally, using Games Workshop techniques. Nothing fancy, unless you count copious amounts of Citadel’s ‘Blood for the Blood God’ technical paint.

And that’s where I left it for a long while. I was focused on other projects and didn’t really feel too concerned by these minis.

Now, however, Warhammer Underworlds has a new edition, and with it, new factions that has me looking at them through different eyes. Now, I no longer see them as boring packages of pre-posed miniatures, but really cool little vignettes of the races that make up Warhammer Age of Sigmar, that make for fantastic excuses to practice new painting techniques.

Jumping back in, I picked up a pack of the Sepulchral Guard, which I detailed here. They were a really fun project to get practise with zenithal highlighting and a limited palette.

I had so much fun with the Sepulchral Guard, in fact, that I went out and picked up Spiteclaw’s Swarm as well. I’d never painted Skaven before, so these were fun for getting to know the aesthetic.

Furthering the snowball-come-avalanche that is my newfound obsession with Warhammer Underworlds, I managed to score the new Starter Set, Nightvault. Since I already have Steelheart’s Champions, I didn’t really feel any pressing need to paint up Stormsire’s Cursebreakers. Instead, I used the same techniques that I used on the Exanimate to paint up the Thorns of the Briar Queen.

I missed Orktober and didn’t paint anything for it. In my guilt, I picked up a pack of Ironskull’s Boyz, trying out a new (for me) technique of weathering. I think it turned out nicely, but I definitely do not have the patience to do it over the course of an army.

So what next, up on my painting station right now is the Eyes of the Nine, while I also have The Chosen Axes and Stormsire’s Cursebreakers in the queue. That said, I’m also sort of eyeing up Zarbag’s Gitz.

In sum – send help. I can’t stop painting these.

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