The Exanimate

“Who, when they gave thee breath, 
Failed to bequeath 
The needful sinew stark as once, 
The Baresark marrow to thy bones, 
But left a legacy of ebbing veins, 
Inconstant heat and nerveless reins,— 
Amid the Muses, left thee deaf and dumb, 
Amid the gladiators, halt and numb.”
-Terminus (excerpt), Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are the Exanimate – the still-living bionic remains of various Tech-Priests, Skitarii, and Servitors abominably continuing to function after the passing of their biological life. Reivers and scavengers all, they kill and consume any functioning parts they find, whether organic or technical.

Quick second post today – my first attempt at an Inq28 project. I wanted to explore the concept of bionic enhancement in the 41st millennium, and how that impacts the very nature of what it means to be alive. Their names are monikers given to them by superstitious menials, who believe them the embodiment of the Omnissiah’s wrath against those who would question the will of Mars. Somehow their overlords never seem to refute this theory.

I constrained myself to only parts from the Age of Sigmar Nighthaunt and 40k Adeptus Mechanicus lines. I found doing so naturally established a unified look for the group, and was immensely helpful in guiding me to appropriate parts to use for each model. I’m pretty happy with the final outcome, and I hope you are too!

Happy Halloween!


The Exanimate board the Imperial Navy Frigate Cerberus
The Tomb Warden
Last Known Pict Capture from Sgt. Bruticus, Ultramarines (dec.)
The Cloying Mother
The Indifferent Coryphee
Rendered approximation of still-functioning bionics (ref:4081k/bΣ2)
The Laughing Corydon
The Sperata
The Watchful Arbiter
The Abandoned Screamer
The Seeking Kid

9 thoughts on “The Exanimate

  1. Very cool! It’s a great concept, and limiting your bitz pool definitely works for creating a unified look. I think the Indifferent Coryphee is my personal favourite; great feel of motion to them.

    I think I remember an old Dark Heresy module that had a similar theme – bionics becoming sentient and puppeting around their former hosts (not neccesarily waiting for them to be dead, either!), can’t recall the name of it unfortunately. There’s a great art piece of a techpriest being dragged away by her own bionics while she grabs desperately onto a doorframe with her flesh arm.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’ve not read Dark Heresy too in depth, but I did play a lot of Rogue Trader and Deathwatch when they were hot. Will have to go back and review.


    1. Thanks! I’ve always struggled with creativity in the hobby, so for the last few months, I’ve really worked hard to come up with and execute different projects that will force me to grow as a hobbyist.

      That you say such kind words encourages me that my approach is yielding results!

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