Consolatio Mori – Shadespire Sepulchral Guard

In this post, I rediscover my love of the Inq28 and AoS28 artistic style, and begin to spend more time studying what makes the models so cool. Here are my first real, tentative steps into grimmer and darker universes.

Here’s my warband for Warhammer Underworlds – The Consolatio Mori. They’re completely stock Shadespire models from the Sepulchral Guard box, but as it’s my first real attempt at emulating the Inq28/AoS28 style, I didn’t want to go crazy with conversions just yet.

It’s a well-documented phenomenon that constraints make us more creative. Putting limits on what we can do forces us to think in ways we hadn’t previously. So, for this project, I wanted to see what kind of a Warband I could come up with by limiting myself to the stock models with a limited palette.

Once I assembled them, I primed them black with my airbrush, then started zenithal highlighting them progressively from a dark brown up through Army Painter’s Skeleton Bone, with pure white as a final highlight on the skulls only.

From there, I pretty much limited myself to only painting using Typhus Corrosion (TC) and Abaddon Black (AB) for almost all of the models. I affixed some grass tufts at this point, since I figured I wanted to grunge them up. Then it was straight to a 70/30 Water/TC for the robes, etc, 30/30/40 Water/TC/AB for belts, etc. I didn’t even bother with any metallics for the weapons since I figure they’re pulling weapons out from the dirt that have been so worn and grungy, there would be no remaining surface that wasn’t pitted and marred by the ages. So, straight Typhus Corrosion on any part of the model that would be metal.

Reviewing the work so far, I realized some of the bones weren’t quite as defined as I’d have liked, so I went in with a pin wash of Agrax Earthshade in between the bones and wherever there was wood (shields, etc).

From there, I drybrushed Ryza Rust on all the metallic areas to give them a (ding ding) rusted look, and went back and touched up any leather areas with a dark brown mix (again, mostly just AB with TC thrown in).

The bases were painted with 70/30 Water/TC, with stone (and fur) areas drybrushed with Skavenblight Dinge. The whole base was then washed with Agrax Earthshade.

At this point, the models were pretty much done and I went ahead and applied a matt varnish. However, I still felt that I wanted a bit more color, but didn’t really want to just paint the robes red, as like the weapons, I figure all the dyes in their clothes would have faded out and been replaced by the brown of the earth. Instead, I (probably too) liberally stippled the models with Citadel’s ‘Blood for the Blood God’ technical paint, trying to match where either a weapon would have impacted, or where the gore would have spattered on the models.

I’m pretty pleased with the result – they’re pretty grisly, and I learned a lot about introducing more varied textures with a limited color palette.

Going forward, I might try adding some Citadel Texture Paints into random areas to give them a “fresh from the grave” look. Indeed, this project has me itching to do more, and I have some ideas percolating with conversion possibilities.

Thanks for reading!


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