What I’ve been working on this week

Just a quick post to show off my latest model – an Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank from Forgeworld. It should go nicely along with my Primaris Space Marines.

Anthelius is an Astraeus-Super-Heavy Tank belonging to the Ultramarines Chapter. An example of latter-day Imperial design, it has taken part in many of the 4th Company’s actions throughout the late Indomitus Crusade and subsequent Plague Wars. It is currently deployed on Parmenio, where it is taking part in breaking the Death Guard’s hold of the northern continent. The traitor forces are heavily utilizing foetid air forces to seed the planet’s atmosphere with blight, so the Ultramarines and their allies are coming to rely heavily on airborne and anti-grav assets to counter the threat. Anthelius itself accumulated over four score heavy drone kills during a particularly intense confrontation, earning the crew a commendation from Primarch Guilliman himself.





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